9 Conclusion

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9 Conclusion

Rewrite the main premise, namely the thesis presented in the introductory paragraph of the essay. Completion of the essay is the most important part after the introduction. It is not enough to summarize what is written on one part of the body – the writer must force the reader to continue studying the problem or to share the author’s position. We have prepared examples of essay outcomes and helpful tips to help students master the art of academic writing. Writing a study may follow the same general structure, but the approach to writing the last piece may vary depending on the discipline of your research paper and its conventions…

For example, if you want to invite your readers to consider and explore a new idea based on your arguments, the right strategy might be to ask a new question. If you want to understand the potential weaknesses in your research, removing restrictions may be the best way…

Depending on the discipline in which you are writing, the last paragraph may contain your reflections on the evidence presented or on the central issue of the essay research. However, the nature of your introspection in relation to your research will depend on the topic and whether your professor wants you to express your observations in this way. The summary conclusion is usually used to clearly express the main points of your topic and dissertation. This is considered the most common form of isolation, although some research may require a different style of isolation. Common types of research work that require this type of conclusion include compelling essays, studies of problems and solutions, reasoned articles, and scientific and historical topics. Do not be afraid of rhetoric when you want to complete an essay – make a speech as big and bold as possible to appreciate the value of what you are discussing..

Without a clear idea of ​​what the entrance and other parts of the work should be like, the student will not be able to cope with the task. This type of academic work has more parts than a regular article. This is not an ordinary school essay with an introductory paragraph, 3-5 paragraphs of the main text and a conclusion. This is a scientific study that aims to study the problem under the loop..

How to plan a successful essay

Here you have a note if you are writing an essay using a boiler structure, such as a five-paragraph, three-argument essay. In these template essays, it is even more important not only to pronounce the preface at your conclusion. The key to completing an essay of any length and complexity is to convince your reader that a certain difference has occurred between the beginning and the end of the essay. It is true that not all essays are equally useful to read. But in academic circles, the main thing is the shared generation of knowledge. Even freshmen can offer an original perspective on a topic that will force their teachers to take a fresh look at the topic. They may even include this new perspective in their classroom activities or in the next article they write..

Reset your search topic

When paraphrasing the topic and the thesis, try to connect them logically so that your conclusion sounds like a single coherent thought, and not like a collection of random ideas. The conclusion is intended to help the reader understand why your search should be relevant to them after they have finished reading the article. A conclusion is not just a summary of the main topics covered or a reformulation of your research problem, but a synthesis of the main points and, if applicable, where you recommend new areas for future research. For most undergraduate works, one or two well-developed paragraphs are sufficient for one conclusion, although in some cases three or more paragraphs may be required. While it may be tempting to hold the thesis in order to complete the article dramatically, the result will be less coherent and disorganized work. Always indicate the main argument or thesis in the introduction. Research work is an analytical discussion of an academic topic, not a detective story. The conclusion also gives you the opportunity to convincingly and concisely reformulate your research problem, given that readers are now presented with all the information on the topic…

Do not underestimate how much fun it is for instructors. And do not underestimate how much your instructor – with a pile of fifty or a hundred essays to analyze – will appreciate a written, animated essay that reads satisfactorily from start to finish. And if the essay also contains the embryo of an original idea, then your job is to sell it. Your task is to point out what is new and innovative in your argumentation and to interest the reader…

As mentioned above, the conclusion should summarize the work. At the same time, you do not need to rewrite only the main points, because such conclusions are quite common…




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